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Project Description

The name of our product is CoreAccess. CoreAccess is a Mobile GIS (Geographic Information System) Application, mainly dealing with social activities. These social activity places include cinemas, concert halls, theatres, sport centers, exhibition centers and the transportation opportunities between these places and the user. After learning the position of the user (via GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver, via marking on map or just entering his/her position manually) and the position of the cultural activity he/she chose by using PDA, this information is collected and processed. Finally, the result is shown to the user visually with transportation alternatives.

Project Scope and Goals

Our product CoreAccess will mainly provide the followings:

  • Search Activity or Place: The user can search any specific category (cinema, theatre, concert hall, sport centers), any specific activity attribute (name, place, date, etc.) or just browse the map for any activity or place. In addition to these search facilities, user can make search by entering an address keyword for an address search.

  • Ontology Help: One useful property which CoreAccess serves is the ontology. By the help of ontology, user will be offered some alternative activities, if he/she does an unsuccessful search. Surely a user, who faces with a set of alternatives related to his/her search item, will be happier than a user who just sees a message like “The item you searched is not found!!!”

  • Visual Result: When a user does any search using CoreAccess, he/she will be faced with a visual result. User will be able to show his/her search items on the map, with a shortest path drown. Certainly, some useful operations such as rotating, scaling, zooming in/out, scrolling the map will be provided.

  • Transportation: The results will come with several transportation alternatives. Between two points one vehicle is not the only solution. Combination of vehicles for the specific distance is also supplied. User will be given a list of transportation combination alternatives. According to the selection of the user, details of the vehicles and their paths will be shown. Moreover, CoreAccess will make estimations about the time and cost among these alternatives. Without a doubt, this is a very advantageous property.

  • AI/Algorithms: In transportation functionality, there will be severe use of shortest path and graph algorithms. A map consists of thousands of nodes or sometimes more, so our algorithms have to be efficient.

  • Web Services: Platform independency of CoreAccess lies on Web Services mostly. Once we are successful in implementing our project with Web Services, our main application can be called from anywhere.

  • Multilingual Support: CoreAccess will come with 5 languages, namely Turkish, English, German, French, and Spanish.

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