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    As the technology evolves, the embedded systems start to find wide area of usage. In most of the devices that people use daily, there exists a core logic which is mostly an embedded microcontroller or microprocessor with some external storage. Besides, those integrated devices also let the implementation and testing of various new controller ideas very easily. This popularity of Embedded Systems is a little overshadowed by the difficulty in developing embedded software due to the lack of a well fitted development environment and pre-testing it on a special independent system prepared just for testing purposes.

       An example to the above discussion exists for the CEng336 Embedded Systems course. Among the course contents, development of embedded software and testing on a test board is of primary importance. However, obviously a standalone testing environment that will simulate exactly the same features with high accuracy would greatly simplify the testing procedure.


Project PIDE

    As a solution to the problem stated above, SimSys Corporation will develop an emulator and development environment for the card used in Ceng336 Embedded Systems course, namely PIDE. Considering such a development and simulation environment, the system will support various types of microcontrollers, communicate through various interface standards such as parallel, serial or USB and accommodate some display interfaces such as LCD or LED driving structures. Users will have the chance of compiling their programs and they can test and debug it on the virtual card emulated by the software.

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