XChanger is a Composite System:

XChanger has several more basic components in its body. Those
components include News Server, Mail Server, XML Feeders and Web
Interfaces, SQL Database, RSS Archive, File Archive and the Core. All
these components’ harmony is kept by the Core of the system. News
Server and Mail Server will be implemented from the beginning and every
data retreived using these servers will be stored either in SQL database,
XML Archive and in other files. All data of the system will be saved in
these data storages. The SQL Database also holds data for user
information. For often-repeated information requests, XML Archive takes
the job to fasten the system. File Archive is where the public attachments
will be saved.

XChanger is a News Server:

Users of the system are able to subscribe to news groups of the system
and to post and read articles. While sending and receiving posts, users will
be able to attach files for others to download. These attachments are
going to be moved to the system’s archives for later downloads by any
other user. System will be providing a search feature to its users. To make
the search feature work, key words for those attachments are going to be
either derived by the system using some smart techniques or given by the
uploader with some description to aid later search.

XChanger provides WebMail Interface:

System has a webmail interface for its users to send and receive mails. In
addition to this, users have some amount of quota and can save their file
on the systems servers. Whenever the user wishes or the quota is full, all
the files in a specific directory, with one click, can be downloaded to the
users PC and free their space. Users can modify their options such that
they will be able receive the articles those are sent to user-specified news
groups and read these articles using their mail accounts. The same is
available for mail lists. RSS documents from any source will also be
available to be read using mail accounts.

XChanger has Mail Lists:

People who have already joined the XChanger system will also be able to
join mail lists. Each mail list has its owner and, if needed, with the
approval of the owner of that mail lists users will be able read mails those
are posted by other members of that mail list. Via mail lists, users are
able to make attachments. If the sender gives permission, these
attachments will be moved to the systems archives and available for other
users of the system just like it was in news groups. Making suitable

XChanger Publishes and Receives RSS Documents:

System is capable of publishing RSS documents to its users which are
going to be compiled according to previously user-determined criteria.
Those RSS documents may include data which is compiled using the
system’s news server databases. In other words, users are going to able
to get RSS documents which include articles those are posted to the
system’s new groups, and publish them any where they want. System
also can get RSS documents from the users. Using this feature users will
be able to publish their own data (may be blogs etc.) using the system’s