Project Goals

Here are some general features that will be in IMBO:

 *Visitor is the user of IMBO selecting one of the IM services from MSN, GTalk, ICQ ,Yahoo and requesting to sign up his/her chosen IM service without any subscription in IMBO. Visitor will be able to chat with his/her contacts from his/her chosen IM service. If his /her chosen IM service enables file transfers, he/she will be able to transfer files with his/her contacts.

 *Signed-Up User of IMBO is the user subscribed to IMBO IM service; in addition, has more privileges than the Visitor has. Users can create an IMBO account, under which they can combine multiple popular instant messaging accounts; namely MSN, GTalk, ICQ, Yahoo. Signed-Up Users are provided offline messaging and offline-user tracking feature that gives online-offline information data of other users to the user. The offline-tracking feature will be beneficial for curious users who want to check out the status of their contacts, not for a moment but for a period of time. The simpler but more powerful instances of our extra features would probably be the group and group wall features, which will enable users of IMBO to socialize. Users of IMBO account can create groups, and become members of existing groups. They can also search for groups or invite their contacts to become a member of an existing group. One of the impressive attributes of the group is photo sharing. One can upload a photo, which he/she finds relevant to group. By group wall feature, users can share any kind of information or useful links related to their groups; which they are familiar with from Facebook. Besides, users that have an IMBO account will be able to create and maintain user profiles. If the user gives authorization, other users will be able to make searches among users of IMBO account using the profile criteria. Otherwise, the unwilling user will be excluded from the profile search. We will not only settle for profiles created in IMBO but we will also import profile information from Facebook, which will give extra power to our service. Moreover, IMBO will be able to export profile information to third party applications. The striking fact here is that no other web based instant messaging service provides those like popular and practical features.