hpcYGAlib is a library based on GAlib developed for the senior year graduation project at METU CENG. It aims to provide parallelization of genetic algorithms in GAlib hidden from the user. The library is designed to be used by multiprocessor systems (such as METU CENG HPC) by taking advantage of the parallel processors performance. The parallelization is hidden by means of hiding the intercommunication and synchronization of parallel processors during the coding phase of genetic algorithm. The user is able to code for parallel computers with YGAlib, very similar to writing a sequential code using GAlib, with the abstraction that YGAlib will provide .

YGAlib provides abstraction over intercommunication and synchronization of parallel processors on multi-processor machine. The user sends his/her program via PBS script to process it in parallel. User program which includes YGAlib, leaves communication and synchronization issues to YGAlib to be solved. After execution of user program, two files are generated which contains output of the program and errors occurred during the execution phase.

Final Release can be downloaded from here. The project is no longer maintained.