ilkerJun 15, 2011

Final Package and User Manual

Our final package is ready now. You can download the source files and executable files from Downloads section. User manual can also be downloaded from Documents section.

mgglApr 28, 2011

Android - Looper and Handler

When messaging over a network, we needed a thread that controls the messages coming from a server. These messages were supposed to be shown on the screen in a pop-up window. When we tried to update the GUI, i.e. adding a pop-up window with a message written on it, we noticed that no thread other than the UI thread(main thread / activity) can change the UI of the application directly.

After some search, we found that there is a mechanism to be used when updating UI from another thread. This mechanism is called Looper and Handler. In fact, the mechanism is not only used for updating the UI from another thread but also for messaging between threads. To get a detailed understanding please look at the link : Android - Handler and Looper.

The thread checks whether a message has come from the server in a while loop. If a message comes from the server, the thread notifies the main thread by sending a message using the handler that’s bound to the main thread’s message queue. When the main thread is notified, it gets the message from its queue and shows it on the screen. Done !!!

Ismail Can CoskunerApr 28, 2011

Test Specifications Report

Test Specification Report of our context aware user interface project (Map-MET) is now reachable under "Documents" section.

Ismail Can CoskunerApr 22, 2011

Web Site

Our web site is now online! You can find detailed information about our project under "Map-MET" section. All documentation is available under "Documents" section. If you have any questions on your mind, you can reach us by mail. Our mail addresses are listed under "About Us" section. Trac and SVN sources will be available in near future.

Thanks for your interest in our project. Any comments will be appreciated.

About Us







Today most of the mobile devices have a standard user interface, which is a big problem for the users of these devices. They cannot respond to environmental changes or movement of the user. One may have difficulties in seeing the screen content and using the device when light conditions change or she/he moves.

Current map viewer applications used in military have static buttons, menus and texts whose fonts do not change. The colors of the map shown on the screen do not change, neither. This is problematic for the soldiers since they are often in motion and occur to be in places with different light conditions. This project will be a solution to non-dynamic user interfaced map applications used for military purposes.


In Map-MET (Map - Military Enhancing Technology) project, we aim to provide a complete map application with context aware user interface with all of the functions and specifications. This project is sponsored by ASELSAN.


This project was first intended to be used for military purposes. This software can be integrated to a large variety of mobile devices used in military. Soldiers will be able to use it in all areas where the environment conditions is not appropriate for comfortably using the device. The final product may be useful for personal purposes.


Project Presentation
Software Requirements Specification
Initial Design Report
Detailed Design Report
Configuration Management Report
Test Specifications Report
Final Presentation (Videos)
Map-MET User Manual


Map-MET Server Executable (Windows)
Map-MET Client .apk Package
Map-MET Server Source
Map-MET Client Source