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            We are building a  Wireless network based door security system  serving users at numerous controller pairs which are managed by a single master computer through a wireless network.
The figure depicted below can be seen as a blue print of the whole system:

         In addition to these basic features, the performance and reliability of the system is critical since we
are building a security appliance. The final product has to be highly reliable, may be even fault
tolerant. To achieve this, we will use a basic principle; simplifying the features and removing
unnecessary modules. In other words, we are going to use KISS principle throughout the project to
make system reliable.
        Apart from that, we don't see the problem merely as building the software/hardware which is
capable of functioning the way customers want. We think the solution to the problem is building
the product with the required features using an efficient process so that the end product would be
simple to install, use and support.
        To sum up, our eventual goal is to build a robust and simple system that solves the problem, while
satisfying customer, end user and developer simultaneously.