Last modified: 12th, June of 2007


        Treasure Hunt is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) with 3D graphics. It is designed to support hundereds of online players to interact and play together in a virtual environment.


        The game has a nice scenario. Players are restricted in a multi-storey building with lots of rooms connected by several paths. Players are given the chance of choosing one of the predefined characters. In the game, characters have calorie values increase with the food they eat. On the other hand as time passes, movement and metabolism result in the decrease of calorie values.There are some predefined calorie limits which determine the characters movement capability. According to calorie value character can walk or run or crawl.There are some food objects that characters can compensate the energy loss by eating. Characters have special characteristics, for example, some characters are vegeterian. Vegeterian characters can not eat meat. Moreover, some characters are allergic to some kind of food.


       Players dedicate themselves to find the treasure. Players approches the TREASURE, wandering inside the building and passing steps by finding step related treasure objects. Finally the one most skillful, fast and wise hunter will reach the TREASURE.


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