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ServerTheon Project

ServerTheon is a unified news exchange server that assembles different access methods. It supports client access over NNTP, SMTP and HTTP; in other words, clients have access to ServerTheon via newsgroups, mailing lists, forum pages and RSS feeds.

ServerTheon distributes articles, received from any one of the access methods, via all others. This gives the clients the chance to choose any access method they want, without missing any posted article.

ServerTheon constitutes a compact but rich and easily maintainable framework for unified news exchange. In addition, since all articles received are stored in a common database; ServerTheon greatly reduces storage requirements for providers of communication services.

Although ServerTheon can communicate with any client application, our product package also includes web-based client interfaces for newsgroup, mail and forum access; called as NewsTheon, MailTheon and ForumTheon respectively.