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Problem Definition:

Computer market is the most dynamic market of the contemporary World. Leader sectors of this market changes time to time. Today, embedded electronics drive the computer market.

Since the embedded system is dedicated to specific tasks, design engineers can optimize it, reducing the size and cost of the product This feature makes embedded products the shining star of the market. Moreover, as it is a developing technology, there is not a fully robust development environment for it so embedded electronic environments are seen as a forsaken palace of software engineering.

A misleading view to embedded software is that, this technology is mostly concerned by electronic engineers however rapid development in embedded technologies calls for special software engineering techniques. As a result of these technique and obvious difference between high level programming techniques, a special development environment is required.

To provide personal for this special software techniques most of the computer engineering departments teach corresponding courses. Middle East University Computer Engineering department (METU-CENG) is one of these departments. In 2006- spring term, METU-CENG staff decided to use PIC microcontrollers instead of INTEL microcontrollers and a TA of CEng336 course, Alper KILIC, developed a special board for the course CENG-336.However, using such board and developing software projects brings some problems as below:


Project Scope and Goals

Main purpose of our project is to develop an IDE built on eclipse with the feature of emulating the board for CENG-336 course. However as an expansion point we will aim a general use IDE plug-in that can be used for PIC programming. The scope and features of the projects are stated below: