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Project Scope:

Nowadays, in all over the world, new projects have been launched for the Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) Systems whose role in defendence concepts is becoming more important, and the expenses for UAV systems are increasing above the expectations.

UAVs can do exploration, observation and target detection with the help of a camera that is mounted on them. The images collected from these cameras have a wide range usage areas. UAVs are currently used in a number of military roles such as gaining military or medical information. They are also used in growing number of civil applications such as in natural disasters like searching and rescueing humans trapped in collapsed buildings or adrift at sea, in security issues like scenes of murders, burglars or smugglings, or in damage detection issues.

The images collected by UAVs are just a collection of photos without processing. To make use of these photos, they have to be processed and so become meaningful. This process is called Image Exploitation. Image exploitation, by using some techniques, makes use of image processing algorithms for information extraction.