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A Little about COSS
COSS is a student based company founded at September 2007 by us. The main purpose of the company is proceed and finalize out senior project seriously.

COSS is the abbreviation of Computer Oriented System Solutions.

About Our Senior Project
AP-400 has the capabilities of wireless access point, bridge and switch. It has an embedded Linux operating system. One can see the connection information only when it is plugged in to a PC. To indicate which features are in operation we will add an LCD to AP-400.This feature eliminates the need for advanced software and status-monitoring procedures typically needed through the use of a computer. We will use a button based control system to circulate information shown on the display.

Primarily, we will have an AP-400 with LCD functionality. The basic functions shown on LCD will be:

  • How many connections there are,
  • IP's of connections,
  • Current connection speed.

Secondarily objectives are:

  • Using high resolution LCD to have better user interface,
  • Ability to warn by sound effects,
  • Displaying the amount of data flow for specific periods of time.

There will be more features, as project grows...