SmartPlan is a Change Management & Quality Framework for Course Design and Planning like Rubicon and Curriculum Mapper.

Many sectors are benefiting the development in technology. However, the sector of education, especially in our country, is not benefiting the technological developments at the desired level. The goal of our project is to implement a curriculum system which will help remove the troubles and tardiness resulting from too much bureaucratic procedure and from the seriousness of the whole process and which will bring significant efficiency gains. That is why we chose the name SmartPlan for our project.

Project Description

Education is one of the important issues which makes a human build up a good unique character.In our country high quality education can not be offered to every citizen under current circumstances which results in unevenness in education. Meanwhile students and educators are being forced to struggle in a system which its self struggles with failures and deficincies.The appointed people or groups to rehabilitate the system such as committees and supervisors or inspectors can not work as effective as they should do because of bureacuratic processes and breakdowns. SMARTPLAN can help to rehabilitate the system at least at some crucial points.

  • Exertion of Course Plan Preparation
  • Exertion of Bureaucratic Approve Process
  • Maintenance of Change Management
  • Compatibility with Standards
  • No Taking Advantage of Archievement

Project Functionalities

  • Modules
  • Data Design
  • User Interfaces