Quattro Group

ClimbPlan Project


In mountain climbing experience is a very important point for a climber, because mountain conditions are formidable most of the time. However, not only experience but also equipment and physical condition of climber have a vital importance for a safe climb. Moreover, since climbing is a group activity, deficiencies of any member of the group will affect the whole activity program.

We need to define a good solution for climbers considering all these parameters together with geographic and meteorological parameters. Our main problem is defining a desirable route for the climbing group after getting required information from users. However, the user information is not enough to define the path. We will also need to obtain geographical and weather conditions somehow. There is no solution for obtaining geographical data and weather data together. We need to get them separately and then combine them to calculate the accurate route. The software we are designing will offer some options for the user to choose how the program will get this information.

Another problem to solve is visualization and simulation of the route and climbing area. The outputs of the software are mainly simulation and the report for the climbing activity program. The software should allow the user to wander around the 3D visualization of target area. At the same time the simulation will inform the users about route, timings, camp places, and weather conditions.

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