What is Mobile Medical Management ?

With this project the aim is to handle this important issue by using the most used technological device cell phones. 3M is going to be designed so that it will let patients know which hospital is the most suitable for them concerning the time and distance. As a second feature 3M will help patients with a membership by reminding their appointments who have to see their doctors frequently like having dental problems, kidney sicknesses etc. Also as a third feature sending members results of some tests like blood, urine or sperm tests is planned.
The project aims to offer solutions for the stated problems at the background part above. Group Barkod is going to develop a database dependent, SMS connected,shortest pathfinder system in minimum time. Secondly a membership system will be implemented that reminds patients their appointments and sends patients test results. The main goal of this project is to make sick people's hospital lives easier. The system will enable their users to know which hospital has the least patients in the waiting queue before going to the hospital and to learn the test results so that they may show the results to another doctors/hospitals. Additionally the system is going to show the shortest path to the hospital from the current location of the user. Also the system will remind the appointments of the patients. And the system is going to achieve this by using geological information of the user that the GSM operator provides and triangulation which comes from the main hospital database.
This project aims to create an algorithm which will rely on two main concepts that are time and distance. By looking at the priority of the patient the system will reply by advising the most suitable one in the database. This database that includes hospitals, positions of the hospitals, number of patients in these hospitals' polyclinics, estimated number of patients that will come up until the user reaches to the hospital, estimated examination time of a patient with respect to the
department is also going to be created by the team. Of course the system waits which is more important for the patient the closest one or the least crowded one. The system is going to take this information also with SMS. With a second database the members data will be stored. With this database members' appointments information and the requested test results will be sent to the users.