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REARTS’s main purpose is to create a fully functional HLA based warfare simulation. To develop such a simulation project with HLA, all units and actors will be modeled as federate objects and another federate object will be modeled to run these elements according to a predefined scenario which is actually created by the users. This architecture will be implemented using a RTI engine, necessary software services to coordinate federates and their operations will be provided by this engine.
  • HLA
  • The High Level Architecture is general purpose architecture for distributed computer simulation systems. Using HLA, computer simulations can communicate to other computer simulations regardless of the computing platforms. Communication between simulations is managed by a Run-Time infrastructure (RTI). In HLA systems,
  • the RTI data exchange between simulations. It provides a set of software services that are necessary to support federates to coordinate their operations and data exchange during a runtime execution.
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CERTI is a runtime infrastructure for distributed discrete event simulations developed at ONERA. CERTI focuses on HLA 1.3 specification and it’s C++ API. It provides a set of services, such as object management, time management, optimization services, used by simulators to interoperate. Using these services helps simulation’s interoperability.










Delta3D is a fully-featured game engine appropriate for a wide variety of uses including training, education, visualization, and entertainment. It offers features specifically suited to the Modeling and Simulation and DoD communities such as High Level Architecture (HLA), After Action Review (AAR), and large scale terrain support. Delta3D integrates with OpenSceneGraph, Open Dynamics Engine and OpenAL. So in the project OpenSceneGraph will be used as the main graphics engine. OpenAL will provide realistic sound which is a must for a simulation program. Open Dynamics Engine will be helpful to create realistic movement, collisions and explosions as the main physics engine.