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Welcome to Our Website!

Ocean's 4 is our project team, which aims to develop a ad-hoc network software with GPS support.

Later for this education year, this site will be updated according to our project's progress.

We will be very pleased to accept your comments and recommendations

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About Project

Sehir Cobani is a kind of GPS (Global Positioning System) software with extra capabilities. Our system is capable of communicating with other Sehir Cobani systems using ad-hoc network structure. This provides many capabilities to our system such as;

  • Managing crossroads
  • Detecting traffic density
  • Transporting accident information
  • Warning drivers about optimal following distance
  • Assisting to overtake
Sehir Cobani is capable of storing some statistical data about overall traffic structure.

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Some published academic papers about our project

S. Biswas, R. Tatchikou, F. Dion, Vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communication protocols for enhancing highway traffic safety, IEEE Communications Magazine 44 (1) (2006) 74-82.

D'Este, G.M., R. Zito and M.A.P. Taylor, 1999. "Using GPS to measure traffic system performance", Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 14: 255-265.