This is senior project of three computer engineer studies at Middle East Technical University. This project is network simulator and it creates virtual network environment and IP devices to test them. User configures the network environment after that simulation runs at server and user can see the alarms of devices. The software product name is Hurma which is a SNMP Agent and Network Simulator. It will be a web-based application and can be accessed from any browser.

We are implementing Hurma in JAVA with using Google Web Toolkit which is a powerful AJAX framework. There is a demo of our product that runs on Google AppEngine and you can find address at links section. For subversion hosting we chose to use Google Code which provides free svn repository and we upload our source codes here. Furthermore in Google Code there is issue tracking tool.

This project is sponsored by Simens Enterprise Communication.


14/02/11 - 20/02/11 • Small Applications for Server Client Architecture
21/02/11 - 27/02/11 • Parsing Files (XML and MIB)
28/02/11 - 13/03/11 • Adding, Editing, Removing Devices
14/03/11 - 20/03/11 • Creating Network
21/03/11 - 27/03/11 • Adding, Editing, Removing Devices To Network
21/02/11 - 27/03/11 • Implementing Persistence Component
28/03/11 - 10/04/11 • Implementing Simulation Engine Component
11/04/11 - 17/04/11 • Implementing SNMP Component
18/04/11 - 19/04/11 • Implementing Interface For Analyzing
20/04/11 - 01/05/11 • Running Simulation For One Device
02/05/11 - 15/05/11 • Running simulation For a subnet
16/05/11 - 29/05/11 • Running simulation For Multiple Subnets
30/05/11 - 03/06/11 • Adding probability values
04/06/11 - 12/06/11 • Testing

about us

Our project group has three members, M.Elgin Akpınar, Osman Tahsin Berktaş and Mustafa İlhan. We are senior students at Department of Computer Engineering at Middle East Technical University.


You can send mail to : cennet.elmasi {at}