Cloud-SOMS is a user-friendly, easy to learn and easy to use, cloud-based organization management system. Cloud-SOMS provides its users:

  • Role and available time assignment for individuals so that the optimal team can be formed in an event.
  • To Do list item assignment from Owner/Leader/Chair
  • Keeping track of the state of the assigned items
  • Mobile access
  • Event notification
  • Organization recommendation to users having possible interest to it.

The Cloud-SOMS is a scalable and safe system. The purpose of this user-friendly, safe and secure system is to provide organizations including student clubs, non-governmental organizations, and small and medium size enterprises a distributed collaboration tool. It is designed so that organization creation, participation to an organization via search or recommendation of a member, role sharing in an organization according to member’s interests and skills, accepting or rejecting an event, viewing integrated personal and organizational calendar, organization/event recommendation according to users’ interest, social network connection (Facebook, Twitter etc.), upcoming events and hot topics for every member can be done via Cloud-SOMS. It is assured that none of the information clashes or get harmed.