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Who is Teaplet Inc.?

Teaplet Inc. is a startup company ,which is founded by Berkan Kisaoglu, Anil Sevim and Ozge Tokgoz.

What is AJCON?

Java Applets can provide web applications with interactive features that cannot be provided by HTML. When Java enabled browser is used to view a page that contains an applet, the applet’s byte codes are transferred to user’s system and executed by browser’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Nowadays, applet technology has become out of date.
Meanwhile, with new Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technologies, same functional requirements can be met with less dependency. JSF is one of these technologies, but switching from Applet to JSF requires both lots of money and manpower. Also, it is really long-lasting to write a JSF based application which does the same work with Applet from scratch.
Main concern of the AJCON project is to help developers to make their work easy. For an applet project, converting it into a JSF project totally can be costly. With the use of AJCON, cost, man power needs and time needs of converting process can be decreased. It is not possible to convert all the projects with a rate of 100% correctness, but after the convert operation, little changes can raise the output of AJCON up.


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