What is Online National Election Voting System (ONEVS) ?

Online voting is a form of voting in which the individuals are able to cast their votes through a web interface. Through the use of online voting, the voter navigates to the designated election site using a web browser on an ordinary PC. The voter is then permitted to select their chosen candidate and then cast the votes which would then be sent to the election server for processing. There are three main types of online voting as stated below:

Kiosk Internet Voting: Voting from computers in kiosks set up by voting authority in locations such as post offices and shopping malls.

Poll Site Internet Voting: Voting from designated polling sites to cast their votes by using web interface.

Remote Internet Voting: Voting from any from any location through the use of a computer connected to the internet. Remote voting is typically carried out at the voter’s home or work place.

Due to political conditions of our country the ONEV system will be designed as two main parts namely Normal Interactive Mode and Election Mode and the voting process will be executed only at polling stations.

In Normal Interactive Mode,voters can reach the information about the candidates of their election region,view the past years' election results and comminicate between the candidates.In order to use the system voters must have been registered to system before the election time.This mode will work everytime except from the election day.

In Election Mode,voters cast their votes at polling stations determined before the election day.Voters will use their voter identity numbers and passwords given before the election time.