Welcome to MECAC's graduation project website.

"VirtualTurkey" project has started in 2006. Prof. Isler has assigned specific parts of the project to students in his lectures. The project was later supported by METU Informatics Institute, and had number of developers working on it. The aim of the project was to introduce the sightseeing places in Turkey. In the scope of the project, important landmarks of some Turkish cities has been modeled by number of contributors. However, the codebase of the project is incosistent as of now since lots of developers have worked on it. Moreover, latest version of "Virtual Turkey" has network problems. We are aiming to solve these network problems and support thousands of players to play the game concurrently.

The player will be travelling the country (the map is shown above) in order to collect coins and the gold scattered over some secret places. While visiting and learning about the invaluable historical places of Turkey to carry out the quests, the player will have more chance to gain treasure; however, the treasure has to be hidden due to non-transportable nature of it, which makes the game more mysterious and riveting.

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