Adaptable Graphical User Interfaces

Mobil devices have become very popular in many areas such as communication in our daily lives, GPS technology in traffic and in many ways in military base recently. The demand of development of mobile device technology increases due to its usability. In many aspects, mobile device technology has progressed for users to be able to use easily. However, users have difficulties during changing environment conditions. For example, you may not use these small devices easily for different contexts, different light conditions, different colored environments or movement. An adaptable graphical user interface which can adapt itself while user is in a continuously moving state will be a very efficient answer for this problem.

Adaptable Graphical User Interface system typically will enable the user to provide a certain interface (in different forms) while moving (walking, running etc.) between wireless access technologies, locations. Moreover, our project will involve making the mobile device functionality available for different availability of output devices, input devices and light sensors, acceleration sensors as well as adapting the user interaction operability to the current speed, noise or operator handicaps while keeping in mind the overall applicability depending on the user preferences, his knowledge, current task etc.

Our product is a bit different from those systems in terms of the type of context adaptation. Our software will change its interface dynamically in parallel with environment conditions during in use. The light and the color problems that worsen the effectiveness of the interface will be solved directly. To be more specific, the program will understand whether you are standing, walking or running, the environment is dark or bright and whether the camera is looking at the sky, to a forest or that kind of a specific colored area. Then, it will understand user's conditions and change its interface which it is most suitable for user. In this way, our mobile devices will have user interface to increase the quality of displayed information and to provide users more effective interaction. We plan to demonstrate our final work on an Android-based mobile device such as a PDA or a tablet.

Final Project
This archieve file includes source files and user manual of the project.