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Temperature, humidity, light and the level of the carbon dioxide are the most important factors for the productivity, growth, and quality of a plant. By continuous monitoring of these environmental variables, the grower can analyse the optimal environmental conditions to achieve maximum crop productiveness, then the optimal greenhouse climate adjustment can enable us to improve productivity and to achieve remarkable energy savings.

In modern, big greenhouses, to make the automation system work properly, several measurement points are required to trace down the local climate parameters in its different parts. Using cabling for monitoring would make the measurement system expensive, vulnerable, and also the measurement points are difficult to relocate. Due to these facts, a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), which consists of small-size wireless sensor nodes with radio and sensors, is more cost efficient and practical option to build the required greenhouse measurement system.

The purpose of the project is to construct a greenhouse monitoring system using wireless sensor networks. The major goal of the project is to increase the productivity and quality of the plants in a greenhouse without observing it whole day. The system periodically measures the temperature and light levels inside the greenhouse, the greenhouse manager can observe the measurements from the web simultaneously. Moreover, when a critical change in one of the measurements occurs, the greenhouse manager will be notified via e-mail and cell phone text message. By this way, the greenhouse manager can interfere in the situation as soon as possible and may be able to prevent possible damaging effects of the changes.