6th June 2015

What is Ceng Demo Day?

In Ceng Demo Day, students from department of Computer Engineering at Middle East Technical University presents their graduation projects to the target audience.
Every year, approximately 100 students are graduated from department of computer engineering at METU. Students who have been challenging with courses for the last 4 years are converting all of their knowledge and expriences into concreate outcomes by implementing their graduation projects.

Target Audience

Civil Community




Goals of the Day

By organising this exhibition, we aim to throw industry and the students together and share the projects developed by senior students with public. Among the projects, there are those which solve social problems and aim to help socioeconomic development by being converted into big projects or by establishing companies with those innovative ideas. By this means, while our students are preparing themselves for the life after graduation, our department finds the oppurtunity to examine its curriculum and quality of education.

Project Exhibition

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