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Our main objective in this project is to detect animals that are available for copulation. In other words, detection of cattles that are in their ovulating period means available for fertility.

Why it is important?

Efficient and profitable reproductive performance of a dairy herd requires routine but conscientious heat detection and proper timing of artificial insemination.

Failure to detect estrus (heat) is a major factor contributing to low fertility. Approximately half of the heats are undetected on dairy farms in the United States. In Turkey, much more than.

In addition, research based on levels of the hormone progesterone in milk shows that up to 15 percent of the cattle presented for insemination are not in heat.

How much does it cost?

Failure to detect cows that are in heat and breeding cows not in heat result in economic loss for the producer because of extended calving intervals and additional semen expense. If a herd producing 16,000 pounds of milk per year and maintaining a 12.5 month calving interval is compared with the same herd maintaining a 13.5 month calving interval, the loss in potential milk alone is between $35 and $45 per cow per year, depending on milk price and feed costs.

What is our difference?

As we mentioned above, hormone tests are not successful as they thought and up to 15 percent of it gives wrong information. On the other hand, we use sensors that provide us cattles movements; so that, we can measure the movement frequency.

We use cloud system in our system. Therefore; we can get and show the data simultaneously.

Thus; we provide more reliable (up to 99%) and efficient system for customers and healthy detection for animals.