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Most of the new cars are equipped with a large LCD screen providing media control, driving info, navigation, handsfree etc. Recent high-end versions have also mobile pairing feature, so that they can serve as an easy to control console for mobile device. In this project an embedded system with an LCD touchscreen will be developed.

Project Details

System will have the following features:

• Accessing and monitoring information like fuel, speed, heat, etc. through CAN bus.
• Playing music and video over car audio system (SD card, USB stick)
• Having some method for easy interaction like steering wheel switches, voice control etc.
• Pairing with one (optionally more) mobile phone over Wifi direct and/or Bluetooth
• Calling and accepting phone calls as a handsfree device
• Showing notifications of a paired mobile device.
• Showing SMS and mails of the paired mobile device.
• Mirroring screen of the mobile device for some applications like mobile navigation system.

Our Team

person 1
Sinan Tüfekçibaşı
person 2
Mustafa Tunç
person 3
Erkan Tomruk
person 4
Sefa Suluova


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