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Blind people are not much different than us. They perform same activities such as going to work, going to school, doing sports, shopping etc. However, it does not mean that they do not encounter some small everday-challenges. Our aim is, to help them deal with those easily and to help them become self-sufficient.

You may wonder, how do we manage this task?

Blind people will carry a wearable hardware device integrated with camera and sensor. Captured images can be monitorized by a relative or friend of the user. In order to assist the user in need, relative or friend can give directives via system interface. The best part is, in case the helper is not available, Image Processing technology will be step in. Reading any text such as signs, bills, prospectuses and recognizing some significant objects will be possible thanks to this technology. These information will be provided as sound through headphones to the user.


VISIONdary provides services to visually impaired ones to enhance their social life and make them happy.

Indoor Navigation Subsystem

Assist the person in need with vibration signals to navigate indoors safely.

Remote Access & Live Streaming

Relatives and beloved ones may reach the person via remote access services and assist them immediately when they need help.

Recognition & Text To Speech

Image processing tools which recognize or detect daily life texts such as notes, signs, brands, books etc.


As VisionDary, we encourage to use the technological developments as supporting tool for society!

  • September 2015


    Getting together to achieve great things.

  • November 2015

    VisionDARY is born

    VisionDARY systems come to light.

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Project Members

Enthusiastic engineering students with the VISION.

Okan Altıngövde

Senior Student

İlkyaz Yasal

Senior Student

Sema Köse

Senior Student

Mehmet Can Avaroğlu

Senior Student

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