High Dynamic Range Imaging

Our phones or cameras cannot actually capture what we can see in some scenes.
Try taking the picture of the sky from your room. Can you see the inside of your house?
You can't, because your camera was not designed to capture such a high dynamic range.

Even if your camera could take the picture, you couldn't display it on your PC or phone.
Those devices were designed to work with a small range of lights too!

Why should we settle with only capturing or displaying only some portion of the world?
That's why we've developed E2EHDR, a real time HDR video acquisition and display pipeline.

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HDR Camera

Commercial cameras that support HDR content are only found in movie industry. That's why you can't find an HDR camera under $20k.
We've developed our own HDR camera using two regular cameras. One to record the bright regions, one to record the dark.
It costs less than $150.

HDR Display

There isn't much HDR content on the market, so it's difficult to find an HDR display in your favourite electronics shop. Existing products are mostly prevalent in academia, and movie industry.
Using a projector and an LCD screen, we've built an HDR display that can display a range of light more than 200 times wider than regular displays at the same time.


E2EHDR does a lot of things, here's a small list

  • Real Time

    Other HDR video solutions work offline.
    After capturing the video, you have to process it using your computer.
    That's because the two cameras actually capture very different images.
    Images need to be converted, rectified and linearized before finding any matching.
    After that, images need to be merged and tonemapped in order to be displayed.
    Using a GPU, we do this more than 24 times per second, without any offline processing.

  • Wide Hardware Support

    E2EHDR works with any hardware you throw it. For the camera, it supports DSLR cameras, IP cameras, webcams.
    For the display, it doesn't care as long as there is an LCD panel and a projector.
    The processing software works on anything with a GPU.

  • HDR Content Player

    While we display your HDR video in real time when using the camera, we also have a HDR content player that supports displaying HDR images and videos.

  • Free and Open Source

    Our software is open source and is under a permissive license.

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