Creating the Reality in Virtuality

Using multiple Microsoft Kinect® cameras and computers, we record real time events and transfer them into realistic 3D videos.

Captured videos are watchable with our video player via VR headsets.

Multiple Cameras, Multiple Computers

Record process is done by multiple cameras and computers, communicating with each other via local network.

A lot of things are going on background; such as parallel computing, point cloud rendering.


Compared to other options like Lytro Immerge and Microsoft Augmented Reality Capture Studio, our system is cheaper and more portable. You only need 3 Microsoft Kinect V2 cameras and 3 computers.




Virtual reality environments are becoming more popular in training, simulation, animation, entertainment and recreating cultural heritages which are lost or becoming extinct. Visuals that are generated in virtual environment are mostly created using computer aided modelling techniques. With our product, we offer more realistic virtual reality experience by using real world environment as the source of 3D viewing.

Currently, there are similar solutions to the problem that we solve in some aspects. In addition to these solutions, our product has clearer view in a wider range of viewpoints than existing 3D point cloud videos. Our product is also an affordable option for those of people who are interested in this area. We offer a usable product which allow people with low knowledge about the basic hardware and the software.


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