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We get our inspiration from the ants - the most hardworking living things in the universe. Also their perfect team work ability fascinated us. Thus we established our name as Karınca Teknoloji.


Karınca Teknoloji’s Project Topic: A Developers Studio for Ajax

Ajax is an abbreviation for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.  It is a technique for creating interactive web applications. In this project, we will implement a graphical development environment for web pages with Ajax. User will be able to create and edit scripts within the HTML files, add, remove Ajax actions to modify web components, debug scripts.

Karınca Teknoloji’s Approach:

            For the last few years Internet and Web-Applications have undergone a very sharp shift. What caused this situation is emerging the new Ajax technology. Ajax promised bandwidth utilization, speed and high interactivity which is the indispensable feature of the desktop applications.

            AJAX refers to a set of techniques centered on background browser to server communication. Instead of always submitting a full page of data to the server and receiving a full page back, by using AJAX techniques, an application can send an individual field value and receive information to update a portion of the page. The result is that, with AJAX, web applications can be much more responsive and intuitive.

            Since AJAX is a new technology, new development environments should be      implemented to support this technology. As a result of our researches, the number of development environment is not enough and most of available ones are integrated to the general development environment such as Eclipse, Net Beans etc. In other words they are not a stand alone product for the web developers. To meet the needs, we have decided to develop an AJAX IDE (Integrated Development Environment) named as kajax.

Our product kajax is simply an Integrated Development Environment for Ajax. kajax is designed for developers to develop web applications faster and easier with in a user friendly environment with the following goals:

  1. To develop an independent desktop application/IDE with a setup, supporting operating systems Windows and Linux.

  2. To develop a modular product using a component based approach.

  3. To provide a Database Module with database connection, sql query, viewing tables features.

  4. To supply an Editor Module with HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript text editors.

  5. To provide a Debugger Module with a JavaScript Debugger.

  6. To supply Remote Connection Module with FTP.

  7. To provide Panel Module with File Explorer, Solution Explorer, Toolbox, Properties and Ajax Action panels.

  8. To supply Versioning Manager Module with CVS.

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