About Project


The project is about Auto-Identification/Classification of Common IP Protocols. The project requires advanced network knowledge and real time processing.

In network systems, data is delivered using packets. These packets include some header information such as source and destination port numbers as well as the information itself optionally in compressed or encrypted form. Although most protocols require communication over a specific port number, today it is possible to reconfigure network programs to use non-standard port numbers.

The final program is expected to capture the packets over the network and identify the protocols used during the communication even though it is specified for a network program to use a different port. The program will not be designed to directly interface with the network hardware, instead it will take the PCAP files as an input to operate on. The protocols that should be identified by the program are HTTP, SIP, POP3, SMTP,IMAP and IM(various instant messaging programs like MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger) using an Auto Sensing algorithm that is embedded in a decoder system. Finally the program should produce outputs in an appropriate format as Microsoft ASF format for voice files, .eml for e-mail messages, .avi for video files, .jpg for image files and etc.