About the Group

Wirtual Wision is a group of five members who are all senior students of Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Computer Engineering. The goal of the group is to design and implement a 3D adventure game in the two-semester time of the courses CENG491 and CENG492.

The motto of the group is: “computer vision becomes virtual reality” and the group logo is as the one that can be seen right side.

The members are:


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Alper TAŞ alpertas@gmail.com


Kubilay TİMUÇİN kubilaytimucin@yahoo.com


Rakıp YAŞAR rakipyasar@gmail.com


Doğan SEVER dogan_sever@yahoo.com


Ercan ŞAHAN ercan_sahan@yahoo.com

About the Project

The purpose of the software is to provide the PC game players with an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, hard-to-master, realistic, enjoyable adventure game with arcade components. To develop flexible, modular and easy-to-develop game software is also a crucial target from the architectural perspective. Moreover, one of the goals of the system is to present a new computer game with 3D graphics supported by sophisticated properties like lighting and shadowing.

The current progress can be followed under the progress links.

Wirtual Wision 2004 - 05