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PAPAGAN is a 3D virtual environment for sign language education.


A Friendly User Interface

PAPAGAN shall support an easy-to-use and concise graphical interface to meet the needs of its users. This interface will consist of two parts; main interface and lessons/games. Users will be able to access lessons, educational games by using main interface. Lessons and educational games are described in the following sections.

Lessons and Games

PAPAGAN will contain several basic lessons, entertaining games and pre-determined scenarios in order to create more appealing education atmosphere. Especially we will focus on the building-blocks of daily speech such as colors, adverbs, vehicles, feelings, occupations during these activities.

A Flexible Database

PAPAGAN will have a flexible database with easy update features. With only downloading the new database from internet, users shall be able to reach the new animations, courses and games. Furthermore, a tool will be designed for developers to facilitate the administration of PAPAGAN.

User's Manual
PAPAGAN Animation Editor API
PAPAGAN Animation Editor Src
PAPAGAN Egitim Src
PAPAGAN Animation Editor Setup
PAPAGAN Egitim Setup
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