Lades - Lades is an AJAX Development Environment Studio
As AJAX is a new, powerful technology, developers need such a powerful environment which simplifies code writing and makes it easy to design web sites using AJAX.
Lades will be an AJAX Development Environment Studio, which will be able create any (AJAX based or not) web application. Lades will be a platform independent and a user friendly development environment. In its design, diversity of users, their different knowledge levels, different devices on which it runs, different ways of interacting, different implementations and environments will be all taken into consideration. In Lades, simple tools that allow rapid development and rapid deployment will be available. Also, it will simplify access to databases from user interfaces as easy as drag and drop. In order words, our project Lades will be a rapid web application development environment that will let you create AJAX web page applications while reducing complexity and deployment times.
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