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[About 'BluePost']

As you all know, paper posters are very common in daily life because of the fact that they are inexpensive and easy to install. However, they lead to some disadvantages as well. Most
important of all, they do not provide the opportunity to make a change in the content of the poster once it is installed. In addition, it is possible for a person to forget about the details of the event unless the information is noted. Besides, it is not easy to inform other people about the event when paper posters are used. Furthermore, paper posters are easy to damage. To illustrate, when a person rips the poster, the information is lost and it is costly to bring it back. So the thought of using digital posters for everyday use arises.

As for the technical details about the project, we will design and implement the hardware and software required to make a monitor or television into a digital poster with bluetooth capabilities. Our system will be connected to a bluetooth converter card and a monitor via VGA. We will develop the necessary software for tasks like uploading poster images and event data. By the means of this software package each costumer will be the administrator of his/her own system. The user will be able to upload several images to display them as a slide-show. S/he will be able to specify the time each image will be displayed. When the user wants to make a change in the content, s/he will not need to re-upload all the images. Instead, s/he will upload a new image in place of the image s/he wants to change. The time duration may also be changed. The user must enter a pin number in order to complete the image uploading process, which is specific for every Bluetooth converter card. The software will do the uploading of the images via Bluetooth automatically.

Once the digital poster is ready, people will be able to see the poster on the monitor and follow a procedure on their Bluetooth devices in order to get poster event data as a calendar event (iCal VEVENT).

The project that we will develop may easily be used in places where all kinds of social and cultural activities are held including cinemas, concerts, theaters etc. Also, this project can be used for educational purposes. As an illustration, there are a lot of student clubs that give seminars and meetings. With the help of our project, it will be much easier for the sudents to become aware of these activities and share the information with each other. The project may also be used for commercial purposes. For example, when there is a campaign in some product, the comsumers will easily be informed about it. Another important area where this product can be used is charity campaigns. In that case, information like bank account numbers should be sent to the bluetooth devices. We believe that as the project evolves, it will be much more widely used in different areas.

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