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What is ReddyPost?

Conventional paper posters are very inexpensive and easy to install, however they are static and provide only visual information. ReddyPost is a digital poster with interactive bluetooth. It renders a color poster image to a LCD monitor or television, and provide poster content (i.e. date and place information) to bluetooth cell phones or PDA's by broadcast. This way, passers-by will see the poster images on the monitor and follow a procedure on their cell phones to record/delete the poster event data they have received via bluetooth.

While making the necessary hardware and software required to make an LCD monitor or television into a digital poster with bluetooth capabilities we will be using XSA-3S1000 Board and BR-EC40A audio and data evaluation board.

Application Areas

ReddyPost can be used in many different places such as subway stations, hotels, lifts, boardrooms, classrooms, shops, supermarkets and various forms
of transportation vehicles like taxi, train. It may be used for advertisements; campaign, seminar, concert, competition anouncements. In addition to these, ReddyPost can be improved to support many other features:

  • Displaying video, audio, web pages and Macromedia Flash animations (supporting PEG1, MPEG2, MP3, MPEG4 (DIVX, XVID) format).
  • Downloading free music clips, ring tones, etc.
  • Directing passers-by to the advertiser's website, and allowing them to
    download content straight to their mobile phone and submit their personal information.

Looking at these, ReddyPost is at least next 10 years' technology. If you also want to lead to the future, do not miss this opportunity and contact us.


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