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May 30, 2007:
Schedule is updated.. Yes... Again!




RC Sim:

A simulator for Ceng Embedded Card

Our product RCSim is designed just for CEng Embedded Card. Goals and objectives of RCSim Software is as follows:

Easy to Use: We motivate ourselves as if our product will be using in CEng336 course spring 2007. So, it is very important for us to develop a product such that CEng336 students will easily use RCSim Software.

As mentioned before, RCSim Software is specific on CEng Embedded Card. So, it should be adapted on this card and PIC16F877 only. It keeps us from selection of PIC type and development board type. For example, because of this, there will be less steps for creating a new project. Such simplicities will make it easier to use RCSim Software for CEng336 students. Moreover, we believe the importance of a user-friendly GUI for easy to use.

Responding to Requirements: Although we design a software as simple as possible, we will provide all requirements of CEng Embedded Card. Satisfying this balance is very important for us.

Most Realistic: Simulation is a very important part of our product. Users will be able to simulate their codes without burning it to the card. These simulations should be done as realistic as possible in order to make those simulations reliable.