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Due to the rapidly increasing amount of internet usage by the jobseekers and companies to find jobs and/or fill empty positions, everyday one more career planning website is added to the arsenal. The bigger the site number gets the harder it is for the user to manage his work.

A common way of internet usage in the recent times is to seek what you are looking for from the portals that can create lists of data and links of one certain kind that you have been looking for which makes it possible for the user to browse through the sites from a single entry point. (for example search engines that list products from many different online stores ) The increasing number of career planning sites point the demand for a single entry portal in this area. The main idea lying behind the project is this single entry portal need.

The project aims to organize the users' work somewhat and make the internet usage for employment more time efficient and effortless. Being in coordination with the career planning sites the submission and receipt of data will make the user to be able to check and control multiple sites and manage the work only from our portal.