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The Final Release

The final release of our project will be demostrated on 12th June,Thursday.



The second and final presentation of our project will be hold on 20th May,Tuesday. We will be glad to see all senior students as a audience.


Second Demo

We showed second demostration of our project to company members and to related academic stuff. Demo was included fully implemented network module and map having a few missing parts. Audio and voice modules was missing, however we will have this modules in next demostration.


Final Report Reviewed

We received the review of our final report today. Thanks go to the reviewer team for their useful comment and making us see our mistakes in our design. We will surely reconsider those deficiencies and fix them as much as possible. You can read the review from here.



After we completed the setting up of our environments for the project and the initialization of CVS, we built our first working binaries after the prototype. All modules are built with basic functionalities, yet they are not integrated. We hope to upload a fully connected version with some added functionalities next week.


CVS Ready

As the cvs system is initialized, all our code is online at department's cvs sytem. Each line of code is to be uploaded to the system by incredible members.



After we decided on which libraries to use in "RESCUE", we implemented a simple prototype which demonstrates some basic features of the modules. Thank god that we finished it on time.
RESCUE prototype can be downloaded from here.


Let the game begin

Finally, first term is over. No more report writing (almost :). We are now ready for some pain in our finger joints.


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