Healt@Hand Mobile HealtCare

by Turkcell

Nowadays, mobile phones are the most widely used communication tools. Almost everyone has mobile phone or even phones. Therefore, using mobile phones just for communication is a kind of narrow usage. Together with the rapidly developing mobile industry, mobile device producers offer lots of beneficial alternatives to their customers. Therefore, today‟s mobile phones are much more than just a communication device. They are now used as entertainment centers (music players, TVs, game players, web surfers, etc.), communications hubs (email, text, MMS, the web), general purpose computers (calculators, organizers, spreadsheets, etc.). Even they can analyze blood to detect HIV, Malaria and more. Mobile phones become a part of our life. Most people cannot go somewhere without taking their phones with them. They almost live together with their phones. Therefore we could take advantage of this situation to ease our life more. Especially it can help people living in rural areas where it is harder to meet basic human needs such as health care.