Simple Labs.

We are a team of highly skilled computer scientists from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. We are currently working on a project named "Cognitive State Representation and Visualization of Human Brain" with our advisor, Fatoş Yarman Vural.

Human brain is a highly complex structure. With our project, we aim to visualize the human brain in a way that will make neuroscientists job a little easier.

Cognitive State Representation and Visualization of Human Brain

The developed tool simplifies the complex graph view of the brain and converts it into a smooth 3D image.With this 3D image of the brain, user can observe which part of the analyzed brain works under specific conditions.

Purpose of the project is to model cognitive states of brain activity by using the magnetic resonance imaging. For this purpose, first the 3D voxel intensity values will be displayed, and then a linear model is used to estimate the relationship among the voxels. Finally defining a 3D graph which consists of the voxels as nodes and relationships as arc weights, the 3D brain will be displayed.

The Team

Atakan KAYA



Özlem Ceren ŞAHİN



Unity (under construction)
WebGL (severely limited)

Demo Video of Final Version


Under construction...