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Here is what NERS serve.

Location-Based Messaging

NERS is a mobile application which enables users message with friends and see locations of them simultaneosly.

Event-Based Platform

NERS is a mobile application which enables users participate in public,private and privileged events.In this way,NERS socializes people in real life.

Advertisement for Hangout Places

NERS is a mobile application which provides advertisement area for hangout places.In this way,hangout places can easily reach their customers.

Our Documents

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Startup Document

RetroSpective Document for Sprint 1

RetroSpective Document for Sprint 2

RetroSpective Document for Sprint 3

NERS Project - SRS

Demo Videos and Presentation

Here is our demo videos and presentation

NERS Demo Video

NERS Project - Presentation

some text

NERS Project - Poster

NERS Project - SDD

NERS Project - STD

Code Whisperers Members

Mustafa Murat Coşkun

Front-End Developer

Mehmet Gençol

Back-End Developer

Ahmet Melih Gedikli

Back-End Developer

Oğuz Artıran

Front-End Developer

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