What makes Guideal different?

A powerful Learning Management System needs to be adapted easily to every field that includes learning in it. Guideal is a web-based platform that ease your job by tracking the departmental & personal data (even for the smallest part) and evaluating success status of units with respect to the standards. While using it, you will be training Guideal to make more accurate analysis for department side and also for trainee side automatically.


Guideal will play an important role in every part of your educational/training life.


Guideal prepares graphs for you to track situation of departments and users.


Guideal suggests a path to users by looking at previous experiences when they come across a crucial junction in their life. You will not make a wrong decision that makes you upset.


Guideal provides API for developers. We offer easy-to-install plugins for fulfill your special needs. Also clients are welcomed to develop their own plugins.

Instant Communication

With Guideal, you will be able to communicate with other users instantaneously. It will schedule your work for you.

User Friendliness

Guideal dedicates an easy platform to use. Rapid-use facilities will speed you up.

About us

We are 4 friends that were arguing about storing measurement (such as exams, quizzes etc.) results without making any analysis. These results include lots of hidden information about us, our talents. However, we waste these valuable data without classifying them up to now.

To extract the meaningful information from these data, first we should store them in a classified manner. Also, this analysis part is not a must for only educational area, but also includes a measurement in it. Therefore, this system should be integrable to wide range of sectors. This need leads us to develop a new LMS, Guideal.









Our Team

Consists of four members.

Görkem Özer

Back-end Developer

Emre Külah

Front-end Developer

Semih Aktaş

Back-end Developer

Yusuf Mucahit Çetinkaya

Full-Stack Developer


Prepared documents during development.

Start-up Document

System Architecture

Retrospective Document


Retrospective Document


Retrospective Document


System Requirements
Specification (SRS)

System Design Document

System Test Document

The technologies used in Guideal