Home-Made Food Sharing Project


Başak Kalfa

Computer Engineering, METU

Mustafa Nacar

Computer Engineering, METU

Esma Göksal

Computer Engineering, METU

Zeynep Şengil

Computer Engineering, METU


Purpose of our project is giving a new opportunity to people for sharing their food online with or without fee. By this project, we provide people a chance to utilize their extra food instead of wasting these food. In addition, this project aims to supply home-made and healthy food to people who does not have time or resource to have a meal. Last but not least, it is an opportunity for people who does not have an official income but would like to earn some money by sharing their home-made food. Nowadays most of the restaurants offer expensive and/or unhealthy food. This project aims to give people cheap, creative, various and home-made food and another job opportunity for unemployed people.

People can now share their food according to their locations by using the Web and Android applications. Users who want to buy or take foods will have recommendations by our system according to their transaction history and they can search food by using their location.

Main contributions of our project will be avoiding food wasting and providing home-made food to people fast and cheap. It will have a live timeline to follow recent available meals nearby the user. In addition, with gamification techniques, users will have opportunity to prove their taste in food by earning badges and by having a place in top ten lists.