"Non-Contact Baby Monitoring" project provides several functionalities.

Respiration Rate Measurement

The respiration rate of the baby will be measured from the streaming video data.

Heart Rate Measurement

The baby's heart rate can be observed via mobile application. With the help of this feature, you will be notified in case of arrhythmia.

Temperature Measurement

One can see the baby's skin temperature on the interface. In any case of fever, your mobile phone will ask you to check baby's current situation.

Cry Detection

It detects if baby wakes up and is crying!

Movement Detection

Our smart application will detect if your baby is moving. This information is useful to predict his wake up time.


Our project provides all these features without disturbing the baby.

Team Members

İlker Bozcan

✉ ilkerbozcan@hotmail.com

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Cansu Yılmaz

✉ cnsuyilmaz@gmail.com

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Ezgi Akçora

✉ ezgiakcora@gmail.com

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Demet Sude Saplık

✉ sudesaplik@gmail.com

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