About Non-Contact Baby Monitoring System

The purpose of our project is setting up a system that monitors a baby in every aspect without a single touch. With the help of this idea, parenting a little less worrisome and a lot more fun by providing an easy-to-use and delightful tool. Our non-contact baby monitoring system provides not only health-care information of the baby but also intelligent waking up time prediction which can be very comfortable for parents in their busy lives.

The off the shelf projects provide monitoring in different ways, but there is no complete product that parents can use. Similarly, this application will also be very useful to keep track of unhealthy babies by dominantly using the image information without disturbing the baby. The available products offer monitoring service mostly by using sensors. We aim to develop our project with a real-time approach embedding the latest technologies which can also be used in hospitals for health care issues.

Which technologies do we use for this project?

We use several technologies which can be generalised under three major topics:

  • Thermal imaging for monitoring task,
  • OpenCV and Matlab for image processing techniques,
  • Raspberry Pi for data collection.


Who can benefit from this project?

Our project is aimed to be specialised according to user needs. Eventhough the list can be extended, target audience includes:

  • Baby care units in the hospitals,
  • Parents who want to keep track of their baby for critical health issues.