WiseDoor Analyses Report
Wise Door Analyses Report
Analyses Report
The project Analyses report is available after a month research and development. To view the report,
Wise Door Design Report
Wise door which is a well designed and developed project of Emdedded IT Solutions, finally ready to be implemented.
To view the early-designed report of the project click the link below.
To view the detailed design report click the related link.

Configuration Management Plan

You can reach the software configuration Managament plan with the following link

Testing Report of the Wise Door
Downloads of the Wise Door

You can download our Final Package now from the following link Package Contains all the source codes and Binaries and all necessary firmwares. Documantation of the software is also included :) Final Package

Master Computers Software setup file is reachable from followink link :)

Master Software

Documentation of the project also can be download from following link :)


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