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Ajax , shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML , is a web development technique for creating interactive web applications. Ajax came with JavaScript and was enabled by previous versions of JavaScript, but developers have started to use it to create rich internet applications (RIA) recently. The purpose of using Ajax is to develop a website which doesn't need to refresh whole page in order to exchange data from server. This creates a more responsive webpage and saves service time. Before Ajax, to create rich internet applications either Macromedia Flash programs or IFrames which is a property of HTML were used. Flash programs are not browser independent and they are loaded slowly. IFrames are inefficient and difficult to implement. Ajax removes those disadvantages and provides more efficient, user-friendly RIAs. Our aim is to develop an environment in order which developers can create a website having the features we described above. We will try to create a user-friendly environment which allows non-experienced developers to build beautiful websites. Besides, experienced programmers will be able to edit and debug scripts by using our tool.



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