Welcome to the official web site of Kontrpiye, the developer team of Linux Evolution Soccer football game.

In this site, you can find information about Kontrpiye team, about Linux Evolution Soccer, and download project reports, Linux Evolution Soccer debian package(which is coming soon..)

Latest News

Got the top score!

Our first prototype, got the top score among 2009/2010 graduation projects' prototype demos. Thanks a lot to our project asistant and instructors.

posted by Kontrpiye Team, 29.01.2010

How to write a basic AI in 2 hours

There were only 9 hours to present the first prototype of LES to our instructors and assistants and we still didn't have an AI implementation. Uğur, Ufuk and me were coding for approximately 7 hours and needed to sleep immediately. The prototype was so important for us and I was very determined to come up with a good game in demo.

As we have 8 field players besides goalkeepers(which were doing nothing also :) ), it looked like easy to implement an algorithm to move field players. But, I wish it had not. Finally, deciding the conditions, as which team has the ball, which way the player who has the ball is moving, and in which position the player is playing(defence or forward), approximately a 1000 lines AI module was formed and availed us so much in prototype demo.

by Berker Batur, 28.01.2010

We chose Irrlicht

After long and long researches about graphics engines, we have decided to use Irrlicht engine to develop our game. We have researched about various graphics engines, like Ogre,Raydium, and etc.. but finally we chose Irrlicht. The reasons are it is widely used, well documented, and corresponds our needs exceedingly.

by Kontrpiye Team, 05.11.2009

Coming up with a new Slogan!

Finding a good football game name did take some time,but at the end we decided to call our game as "Linux Evolution Soccer". As we intended to reveal a qualified football game for all Linux users, this name fits our ideas. In Turkish, there is an idiom "Pes atmak", means "Playing Pro Evolution Soccer". We will try to change this idiom to "Les atmak", "Playing Linux Evolution Soccer" :)

by Kontrpiye Team, 12.10.2009